Sunday, December 14, 2008

Wordpress Plugins - A Look At Whats Available

Wordpress first appeared in 2003 as is now used on thousands of websites. It is a simple open source blogging tool which is offered in two ways, either the hosted option or the free software download option.

Wordpress offers many additional features which are otherwise know as wordpress plugins. These wordpress plugins allow you to customise your blog to suit both the audience and the genre of your website.

There are so many wordpress plugins to choose from, if you are new to blogging you may not know which ones will work best for you. Here is a list and explanation on just some of the most popular wordpress plugins available.

Top Wordpress Plugins:

All in one SEO pack - this wordpress plug in helps optomize your titles for search engines as well as generating automatic META tags.

It gives you the opportunity to override titles and set any META keywords and description you want. Depending on the version of wordpress you are currently using ie 2.3 you can simply install this wordpress plugin and it will work straight away.

Akismet - this is a fantastic tool which helps sort out the clutter of spam. Once installed, this wordpress plugin will check all of your comments against the Akismet web service to analyze if they look like spam or something genuine, it then allows you to review what has been found in the comments secion of your wordpress blog so that you can decide if you want to delete it or not.

Wordpress Stats - although there are many ways to capture data and stats regarding your website, most offer too much information especially if you are new to blogging. The wordpress stats system has been specially designed to focus on the most popular information a blogger needs.

Twitter Tools - this plugin intergrates your Twitter account with your wordpress blog. Twitter is a free micro-blogging and social networking service.

Get Recent Comments - This plugin gives you full control over the aperance of excerpts of comments that are shown in your sidebar. You can determine the order, the number of excerpts and the length.

- This guestbook can be easily customized allowing you to change not only the color but allows you to set mandatory fields where a user must fill out certain information. You can fully manage the user entries and edit/remove posts before they are shown.

All In One Video Pack
- This wordpress plugin offers every functionality you need for video and rich-media. It allows you to record/upload and import videos straight to your chosen post.

Each wordpress plugin has its own unique advantages and can really help to turn your blog into something user friendly. With so many plugins to choose from it is worth spending a bit of time searching through what is on offer and selecting the plugins that will benefit both you, your site and your readers.

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