Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Creating the Student Blog in Drupal using Cloning

Blogging in Drupal encompasses a range of learning activities. When incorporated into a course as a regular part of the coursework, blogs provide an incredibly powerful means of tracking student growth. For students who are disorganized (that is, students whose backpacks resemble tumbleweed), the blog can also be an organizational tool. Most importantly, though, blogs create a record of student work that can be accessed at any time. As such, blogs provide a convenient window into both process (how students work) and product (the end results of student work). In this article Bill Fitzgerald, we will see how to create a student blog.

For the purpose of this article we will clone the already existing Teacher Blog and create the Student Blog.

Setting Up the Student Blog

To create the student blog, we need to do two things:

- Give users in the student role permissions over the blog post content type.
- Clone the teacher_blog view, and edit it to display student blog posts.

Assigning Permissions

To allow students to blog in the site, we need to allow users in the student role the ability to create blog posts. Click the Administer | User management | Roles link, or navigate to admin/user/roles. Click the link to edit permissions for the student role.


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