Monday, December 22, 2008

5 reasons to open a twitter account for your online business

1. Share with anyone in doubt of what you’re doing.

If you’re like me, and you tell those around you that you’ve decided to take the path of a big web idea, chances are they will laugh at you and think you’ve gone crazy. I’ve had countless co-workers, family members and such tell me I was a ‘dreamer’. As Lance Armstrong said after one win, “I feel sorry for anyone who doesn’t dream”.

A lot of people in this world assume. I believe life hard is because of misinformation. I mean, imagine a perfect world, if all things were accurate and truthful, finding solutions to problems would be as easy as grabbing your left and right sock, or chopsticks. But assumptions people make are not facts, and thus, add to our misinformed world. So to reduce this, you’re now the source, the truth, the authority to what you’re doing. If there are those that want to spite you, it’ll be harder for them to do when they see your app’s twitter.

2. Building your SEO

I’m assuming you will be busy posting your updates, getting the word out like putting your twitter link in your email signatures, making announcements in your social networks about following you, etc. But with all those keywords that are important to you, Twitter’ll be another external link with all of this content all indexed in mighty Google. Your twitter account will have a great pagerank when you start getting active too! Doing it for the SEO alone would be worthwhile!

3. Updated news

When building your web app, it’ll be one less functionality you’ll have to implement: the update section. Just use twitter! and use a plugin like Twitter Tool embedded in your wordpress blog for your main content. 140 characters should be enough to say ‘selection menu on blah page is now fixed, thanks steve‘

4. What are you doing?

These are the words that face you when you login to your twitter. It’s one thing if you’ve logged into your general account and you see this question. It’s another when you’ve logged in to your business’s twitter account and facing you is this question. In that sense, Twitter is like a virtual overbearing Steve Jobs boss! (without the following mental abuse!)

5. Motivate yourself

You’ve got followers now who probably won’t be customers. They’re following you for a different reason. Perhaps they want to see your tenacity and drive and lead by example. Energy flows back and forth and any source for pushing yourself is well worth it.

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