Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ways to edit Joomla templates

You must have read a lot about editing a Joomla template. Here is how actually you can do this.

Prior to actually editing Joomla templates, you need to ask yourself why do you want to change or edit it. PinPoint what you actually want to change. Once you have come out with a conclusion, you can start off with your task.

Steps to follow:

Make a copy:
The wisest thing to do when editing the original Joomla templates is to make a copy of the original template. This will help you a lot in changing the original templates. There are many reasons available online for this.

Change the images:
When using Joomla templates; you would like to change some of the images that are already used as well as logos with your own. This is very easy to do. You don’t have to do much work when changing your images. In fact, you need to spend money when changing the whole of template to match your images. In case, you replace images, the best thing to do is to replace these with images of the same size.

Changing the content:
The content and the design of Joomla templates is completely separated. The content is actually present in the file ‘index.php’ and the design is in one or more of the CSS-files.

Change the style:
You need to change the CSS files. Here, you may have to edit more than one CSS files.

Changing Joomla templates is not easy if you follow all the instructions mentioned above.

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