Tuesday, December 2, 2008

How to build a better RSS feed for your Joomla Blog

If you have already worked with Joomla, then you must be knowing about its’ syndication function. In case, you are not, you can go and publish the module known as ‘syndication’. However, you must have also seen it on the FrontPage and after an all-new Joomla installation.

Here are some ways to improve your Joomla Blog feeds:

- First, you can use a superb component known as DS-Syndication.
- DS-syndication is installed just as a normal component and thereafter comes with some superb features such as a button maker for all your RSS Icons.
- See how to get to the screen and then think of using some of the settings.
- Here, you will get a huge screen with lots of settings.
- You would get a lot of settings to choose from.
- The settings you get are as given below:
- RSS Type:
You can either leave this on set it to RSS2.0.
- Number of messages:
Set to what you exactly want. If it is for SEO purpose, opt for a number such as 12 or highest.
- FrontPage Only:
Try setting it to a ‘No’. This should be the case unless you really want a special FrontPage feed.
- Section:
This is where you can actually make a difference. Here, you need to opt for a section you have created for blogging.
- Exclusion:
In case, you really like, you can exclude a category from getting into the feed.

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