Friday, December 5, 2008

Drupal better than Wordpress??

Couple of days ago, there is a comment about why one commentator had moved to Drupal from Wordpress.

And coincidentally, I came across 1 article from Drupal blog, where one blog moved to Drupal from Wordpress due to performance issue.

So is Wordpress that bad?? Full of spams & is not scallable??

On the first claim, I see it merely as a frustration with the number of spams, and no statistical evident to support his claim. I’ve been a Wordpress user for 1.7 years. Along the way I got 75k spams (not much for certain blogs), but Akismet works well protecting my blog. So no fuss here.. The spam goes to ‘thrash’ directly.

1 thing that needs to keep in mind is, Wordpress is the most widely used CMS. Due to its popularity, which means more blogs built with its platform, compared to its nearest competitor; and hence there are huge chances for spammers to take advantage over it by inventing different ways of flooding the blog with spams (don’t you want to invent 1 thing and impact more things than what you could do with the second most thing).

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