Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Open Source Volume Rendering Engine

Voreen is an easy to use and highly flexible volume visualization library written entirely in C++. Through the use of GPU-based state-of-the-art volume rendering techniques it allows high frame rates on off-the-shelf graphics hardware to support interactive volume exploration.


- Direct volume rendering and isosurface shading
- Support of different illumination models (phong shading, tone shading, ambient occlusion)
- Interactive internal and external labeling
- Non-photorealistic rendering techniques (sketch shading)
- Glyph-based visualization of multimodal datasets (not yet publicly available)
- Flexible combination of image processing operators (depth darkening, glow, chromadepth, edge detection)
- Visualization of time-varying as well as segmented 3D datasets
- Support of multiple views incorporating 2D and 3D visualization for an improved volume exploration
- Stereoscopic rendering (autostereoscopic, shutter glasses) (not yet publicly available)
- Different projection types (maximum intensity, minimum intensity, average intensity, x-ray rendering)
- Tone mapping


- Easy point-and-click object identification
- Color lookup table editor
- Up to 6 axis aligned clipping planes
- Arbitrarily oriented clipping plane
- Volume cutting and deformation (not yet publicly available)
- Distance measurements (not yet publicly available)
- Lighting and material parameter modification

Data I/O

- Support of different file formats (DICOM, RAW, interfile, Vevo, …)
- Preprocessing capabilities (volume cropping, gradient calculation, downscaling, filtering)
- High-resolution screenshot and camera animation generation with anti-aliasing
- Python scripting for offline image processing and visualization

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