Thursday, November 27, 2008

Christmas Drupal Themes: Enjoy the Magic of Christmas!

With Christmas coming soon, many are thinking about how to decorate their web sites. As Drupal has grown in popularity, more and more people have started using it. But unfortunately, there are not so many choices of Christmas Drupal themes. We spent a great deal of time in searching them and were unpleasantly surprised. But nevertheless, we would like to bring to your notice some attractive professional Drupal themes created especially for this joyful holiday.

When selecting a theme it is probably best to consider the needs and preferences of your project. But if your main goal is to decorate your web pages, to meet the holiday in the proper way, to impress your customers and visitors or just create a festive atmosphere, then the following Drupal themes for Christmas will be right for you!

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Christmas Drupal Template # 112

This stylish Christmas Drupal template will greatly work for beauty salons, fashion houses, boutiques, model agencies, design studios, fashion blogs, women’s portals, personal pages, online galleries and etc. The black background makes the template more elegant and powerful. It contrasts well with bright colors and makes the other colors stand out. The red color is used as an accent color, it brings text to the foreground. So, on the whole, the template looks bright and welcoming and evokes cheerful feelings.

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