Tuesday, November 25, 2008

10 great websites for PHP code snippets and tutorials

1. PHP Builder - Offering articles about the different features of PHP, as well as a code library with free to use code snippets for your own website and applications.

2. PHP.net - The official website of the PHP programming language. They offer a complete documentation of PHP, downloads of the latest PHP version, and news.

3. The Basics - Learn the very basics of the language, from loops and arrays to sending email messages with PHP.

4. Pixel2life - Offers some more extensive guides, with tutorials about shopping carts, file uploads, security and more. You can also find tutorials on lots of other platforms like Flash, Photoshop and 3D rendering.

5. WeberDev - 2800+ tutorials and code examples for PHP. You can find information here for almost any aspect of PHP coding, including beginner guides.

6. PHP at W3C Schools
- A reference guide for some of the most common functions of PHP. They also offer a guide for setting up a MySQL connection and updating your database.

7. PHP Freaks
- Useful PHP tutorials and a forum where you can ask questions to other members of the community.

8. Devshed - 400+ more advanced tutorials on PHP, MySQL and lots of other programming languages. Their website Scripts.com offers 1000+ scripts, to use in your website and to build upon.

9. Planet PHP
- The latest news aggregated from PHP related blogs, keeping you up to date with new versions, security flaws, etc.

10. Hotscripts - 15000+ PHP scripts. Most of the scripts are free, but there are also paid scripts available on this website. There are lots of other languages available for download as well, like ASP, Ajax and Javascript.


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