Friday, November 28, 2008

Does Google Hate WordPress and Other Blog Platforms?

Doing a simple search for the term blog reveals some interesting information found in the SERP. There is absolutely no mention of WordPress or any other blog publishing platform. Yet, there are three instances of Google mentioned.

Ironically, after allowing Google to track my web history, doing the same search logged into iGoogle, one would think that the results would be more "personalized" based off my previous browsing history and also due to the fact that visiting is one of my top most visited sites while logged in.

To no avail, the SERP still included three instances of Google with no listing of WordPress, TypePad or any other alternative blog publishing software. To further my research, I searched for the term: create a blog, and found that three of the top ten results show and once again, no instance of WordPress.

What are your thoughts about this? Does Google hate WordPress and other blog platforms? Is this a way of Google attempting to lessen the number of new bloggers from using more powerful platforms which in return make Google's job controlling them more difficult? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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