Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Creating Wordpress Posts with Thumbnails

Creating blog posts is extremely easy in Wordpress, but adding simple thumbnails to your posts is not. I’m not talking about adding images within the post content, but adding them to your theme so they display in a standardized way in your blog loop, and on individual post pages.

The problem is that though Wordpress allows inserting images within posts, there is no way to “attach” these images to the post, so that theme designers can pull standardized images out for display. By making a few changes to your Wordpress configuration and your theme templates, and by using the Post Thumbnails plugin that I have written, you will be able to add thumbnails to your site in an intelligent way.

Wordpress Configuration

First step is to login to your Wordpress admin dashboard and navigate to the Settings -> Miscellaneous page. Here you will need to change:

- Uncheck the “Organize my uploads into month- and year-based folders.”

- Change the Wordpress thumbnail size to your desired size. This is important! Take careful thought when making this decision – you will break old post’s thumbnails if you chose to change this value later. I recommend 50×50 pixels.

Plugin Installation

Download the Post Thumbnail plugin using this link. Unzip it and place the file within your wp-content/plugins/ directory. Navigate to the Plugins menu within the Wordpress admin dashboard and activate this plugin.

You’re going to need a default post thumbnail to be used when no image is associated with a post. Upload an image that is the same size as the thumbnail size you chose above to the wp-admin/uploads folder, or the same folder you have chosen for uploads if you’re using a custom location. On most installations that folder would be wp-content/uploads/.

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