Monday, November 3, 2008


Google has made its clear ambitions with his 1st phone which is launched by Google with co-operation of HTC and will sell by the T-Mobile as T-Mobile G1. The mobile is touchscreen and has great features in the competition of iPhone.

Android has been created by Andy Rubin who is the Google's director of mobile platforms. Mr Rubin says, "What Android enables for third party developers is the kind of programming we see on the Internet. What it enables is agility and rapid innovation and the same kind of innovation that happens on the Internet”. He announced that Android is a Open source operating system and with it developers have more freedom to innovate, and more scope also.

Andy Rubin also announce that Symbian and Microsoft also two companies that also build mobile operating systems and announced that the operating system which they have launched are also open. But Mr Rubin says the reality of that, “There's a distinction we have to make - and it's an important one - between open source and open APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). APIs are essentially documentation, they're the way that somebody like Symbian or Microsoft will allow third party developers to develop for their platform.” Mr. Rubin says all the things with in a interview.

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