Tuesday, January 6, 2009

How Can Wordpress Make You Money?

Wordpress is a publishing platform for open source blogs with emphasis on all web standards. It is easily available on internet. You can download Wordpress software and start blogging instantly. One attracting feature of this application is that it is available free of cost.

Wordpress provide you the flexibility that you can write either pages or Post. However, there is a some difference between the two. For example, while writing a blog you write a post which are displayed in reverse chronological order. In contrast to Post, pages are specially designed to collect information from you like your contact no, email-id, name etc. Pages are usually displayed apart from your normal post when someone want to know more about the author of the post.

To put up a blog post, you will need to log on to the software you downloaded. Once youave logged in, you can put up a new post in a couple of different ways. The first is to choose the Post tab and click on aadd new link.a A new window will open to add a new post. If youad prefer, you can also use the Quickpress module from the Dashboard. The third way is to choose the new post link from the Admin bar, and start writing.

There are in general many ways of adding a new post. The first one is that after logging in Wordpress, select the Post tab and click on add new link which will open a new window for adding a new post. Second option is to make use of Quickpress module available on the Dashboard.

Each post should be given a catchy title. You should also spend some time coming up with appropriate tags. Wordpress offers a multitude of categories. Put some effort into this because readers use these to search through posts and organize their reading.

A great trick many Wordpress users like is to schedule their posts. You can set Wordpress to put up a new post at whatever time you like. This is helpful if you write a bunch of posts at once. You donat have to put them all up right away. Stagger them over a day, or even a week. Add some information to your author profile, and you can also check to see if your posts have gone up. User plug-ins allow you to modify the appearance of your page.

Wordpress has an amazing feature. They call it their affiliate marketing program. You can earn money by writing good posts with links to Wordpress affiliates embedded in them. They pay you real money for the sales that come from this.

Get readers to start coming to your blog, and if a lot of people start coming to read your posts with affiliate links, you could start earning money. Many other Wordpress users have used this technique to start a home-based internet business. Itas easy. It can be fun. And if you do it right, it will be lucrative.


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