Monday, January 5, 2009

Adventure PHP Framework 1.8 now runs under LGPL 3

A first release candidate for version 1.8 of the Adventure PHP Framework has been announced. The version released for production environments now runs under a new licence model, LGPL 3. The aim is to enable enterprise clients to use the framework for closed-source applications, or under their own licence.

Besides the revision of proven components and some bugfixes, new productivity tools have been added. These include the AdvancedLogger for advanced logging tasks, the taglib for the global reuse of template fragments, taglibs for delivering GUI elements directly from the application's namespace, and eZ-Style templates to allow template translation, using special tags and XML files. Further productivity tools can be found in the documentation in the Special taglibs section.

The Adventure PHP Framework is intended to help developers implement object-oriented, generic and reusable PHP web applications in compliance with known and approved OO design patterns.

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