Friday, June 15, 2012

Naace calls for 'open source' approach to ICT

ICT association Naace believes the overhaul of ICT lessons in English schools should be treated as an opportunity to develop an "open source" approach to teaching the subject.

In comments reported by, the body's chair Miles Berry said a "wiki curriculum" could be adapted and enhanced by various participants as a collaborative project to ensure the best possible teaching framework.

He suggested the approach used by existing open source software companies should be applied to "see what we can learn and apply to the curriculum".

Mr Berry, who was speaking at the Westminster Education Forum, added: "People can bring whatever they want into it, into this big, wide-open space and choose from that what they want to us."

His comments come after the Department for Education confirmed that the current approach to teaching ICT will be scrapped from September this year to make way for a new curriculum, which is expected to place greater emphasis on computer science.

In response to the announcement, Naace claimed it is currently "an exciting time for ICT in schools".

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