Saturday, June 9, 2012

GStreamer SDK for Multimedia App Development released by Fluendo and Collabora

Free pre-built version of GStreamer enables the building of complex-multimedia applications across platforms and hardware

Collabora Ltd. and Fluendo S.A., the leading companies in open source multimedia, have released a free and open source cross-platform software development kit (SDK) for the GStreamer multimedia programming framework.

Designed for programmers developing multimedia applications such as video editors, streaming media broadcasters and media players, the new SDK works on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X, and is available for free at . Several Fortune 500 OEMs have used GStreamer for multimedia development.

The GStreamer multimedia development framework allows an application to handle a wide range of media formats and sources, and has been developed and matured in the open source ecosystem for more than 10 years. The SDK broadens GStreamer availability, offering programmers an efficient way to develop full-featured multimedia applications across leading desktop platforms.

The SDK builds on the proven technology in GStreamer and provides a consistent, well tested and high quality multimedia sub-system for developers. Developers working with the SDK will find it to be functionally identical on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS X (version 10.5 or later on Intel) and all supported Linux platforms. This portability enables faster development and time to market. offers access to development resources The release of the SDK coincides with the launch of , a new initiative to facilitate the commercial adoption of the GStreamer project. Users have free access to the SDK, extensive documentation, tutorials and instructions for installing GStreamer and getting started.

Collabora and Fluendo will provide a range of products and services to augment the SDK. Fluendo provides a high quality suite of commercial audio and video codecs. Collabora brings a range of consultancy services. Other companies with offerings around GStreamer are invited to join this initiative.

"Fluendo is very enthusiastic about this SDK. We consider it to be a vital step toward broadening the use of GStreamer as the versatile and powerful multimedia framework it is. With this SDK, building multimedia-rich applications will be much simpler, giving developers the opportunity of spanning several platforms and operating systems in one single move", said Julien Moutte, co-founder and CTO of Fluendo. "Once again, open source solutions prove to be a solid foundation for the development of new technologies both free and commercial", he concluded.

"Collabora's work with GStreamer in open source and commercial product contexts for the past six years has shown it's unparalleled flexibility for building powerful multimedia applications and devices. We're very glad to work together with Fluendo to augment this adoption and deliver GStreamer to a wider audience", said Robert McQueen, co-founder and CTO of Collabora. "We look forward to continuing this initiative and joining forces with developers worldwide to bring innovative products to market."

GStreamer is widely used in server, desktop, mobile, automotive (IVI) and set-top box (STB) environments. An upcoming release of the SDK will include support for Google Android and other mobile platforms.

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