Monday, May 28, 2012

New LassoLab IDE released by LassoSoft Inc.

Open Source LassoLab Integrated Development Environment Merges Tools and Resources Into a Single Platform.

The new LassoLab integrated development environment (IDE) for the Lasso programming language has been released, offering the Lasso development community an integrated platform for accessing and using a wide range of development tools.


Develop more simply:
Code Folding
Lasso Code Completion
Simple file exploring
Outline viewing
Syntax highlighting

Develop Faster
Code generation
Coding assistance
Semantic analysis
Code wizards

Easy to Install: 
No Installation - just download and use
**Early release instructions: please first install Lasso 9.2 and use in Developer mode (no license applied) only**

Easy to Use: 
Integrated Lasso 9 Instances
Integrated LassoTalk
Connect with Fellow Lassoers
Integrated Lasso Reference
Find Syntax and Examples
Integrated TagSwap
Share Your Code

LassoLab is Open-Source
Build your own Plugins
Leverage the world of the Eclipse platform
Automatic Updates

*Included Free
Lasso Projects
Lasso Files
Install 3rd Party Software
Online Updating

Based on the Eclipse IDE, LassoLab brings together Lasso-specific code folding, syntax highlighting, debugging, and more, all in a single interface. It also provides direct access to reference materials, formal documentation, and the LassoTalk community forum, allowing developers to learn and to engage with others as they code. Developers can also manage multiple projects at one time within the LassoLab interface.

"This is the biggest release in Lasso since we started," said LassoSoft's lead developer Kyle Jessup, following the LassoLab announcement by CEO Sean Stephens at the Lasso Developer Conference in Toronto over the weekend.

Among the most highly anticipated features are a comprehensive debugging functionality that gives the developers more flexibility in how they test code. This includes a hierarchical view of the calling stack that provides visual context for investigating and addressing issues. The tag swap provides pre-formed code that is open source and acts as a code assembly starting point, allowing developers to leverage code that others have written and to share their own examples.

LassoLab is a free, open source download, and future plans include LassoSoft opening the way for other developers to create plugins for the LassoLab IDE. It will also become the platform for additional paid plugins from LassoSoft, such as the upcoming Profiler plugin, which will identify inefficient functions in Lasso code to assist in code optimization.

Lasso is an application server and scripting language used by web developers around the globe. It can be employed on a number of platforms for a wide range of end use systems, and is used by both individual developers and government and large-scale corporate organizations. The three advantages the company advocates are speed, security, and the "elegance" or simplicity of the code for developers.

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