Saturday, May 19, 2012

Latest Arduino Development Boards Using Atmel AVR and ARM Processor-Based MCUs showcases by Atmel

Maker Faire - Atmel Corporation, a leader in microcontroller (MCU) and touch solutions, today announced the company will be demonstrating Arduino's latest development boards based on Atmel AVR® UC3, megaAVR®  and SAM3X8 ARM® processor-based MCUs in booth #82 at the San Mateo Maker Faire May 19-20.

The three easy-to-use development boards that enable design engineers to quickly get their project or design started within the Arduino ecosystem include:
1. Arduino Due. Based on an Atmel ARM Cortex™-M3 processor-based MCU, also known as the Atmel SAM3 MCU, the Due board is ideal for home automation projects and can run up to 96MHz.
2. Arduino WiFi Shield. Built for WiFi applications, the Arduino WiFi shield is powered by Atmel's AVR UC3 MCU and a H&D wireless module, and provides developers a powerful WiFi interface.
3. Arduino Leonardo. Based on the Atmel megaAVR® ATmega32U4, the Arduino Leonardo is a low-cost Arduino board. It has the same shape and connectors as the UNO but it has a simpler circuit. On the software side it has a USB driver able to simulate a mouse, a keyboard, and a serial port.

There will also be four complete Arduino-based robot programming workstations at the Atmel booth to allow attendees the opportunity to program a simple robot vehicle. Attendees can learn basic robot programming skills, test basic skills in motor control, line tracking and navigation on a small robot course set up in the Atmel booth.

"The great collaboration between Arduino and Atmel has enabled us to introduce these new platforms to the community," said Massimo Banzi, founder of the Arduino Community. "Our collaboration enables the open-source community to access the most cost-effective development boards for projects across numerous market segments and applications. We are thrilled Atmel is showcasing our latest development boards at the Maker Faire, and continues to be such a strong advocate for our mission."

"Atmel is committed to Arduino and its open-source community," said Alf Egil-Bogen, chief marketing officer, Atmel Corporation. "Arduino platforms with Atmel AVR microcontrollers have opened the world of MCU design to designers of all ages, giving them an easy-to-use and affordable path to get their projects started quickly. Arduino is a trusted community that promotes creative and innovative thinking for anyone that wants to build a project based on a simple platform."

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