Monday, July 9, 2012


Open source refers to software that it is distributed freely and additionally offers access to the product’s design - essentially opening the source code to collaboration and further ingenuity from outside developers. Horton has taken note of the growing popularity of this type of web development software and has embraced open source CMS as valuable resources for offering clients better marketing and advertising tools.

A community of developers working together to add more utility into a content management system leads to the creation of invaluable tools for businesses and organizations seeking to build a better online presence. On top of providing clients with a means to manage their own content Horton Group also gives clients access to website management tools that are constantly improving. Open source software allows websites the potential to always change and evolve along with a growing library of programming technology.

The majority of Horton Group websites are developed on Drupal, one of the most popular CMS platforms available. With one of the largest and most dedicated online development communities, a few of the websites built on Drupal include big brands like Twitter and Nike. Even the website for The Whitehouse - the executive branch of the United States government - is built on the Drupal platform. Horton Group also uses Wordpress as one of their main development platforms because of its simplicity and user friendly interface. Horton Group believes the employment of basic but innovative open source CMS helps clients keep content fresh and relevant - websites become less static and more interactive.

A recent article posted to states that more businesses will increasingly begin to adopt open source content management software because of the multiple benefits it offers. However, Horton Group prefers the use of open source content management systems for more reasons than their widespread popularity. “Open source software is great because it allows us to offer a variety of options, but also promotes a strong knit development community that in the end will ultimately benefit the client,” notes Horton Group Lead Developer Matt Smith. “Mostopen source content management systems like Drupal are free, which allow us to pass bigger savings onto our customers. This gives us the capability to offer clients more diverse programming options at lower costs.”

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