Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Asahi Technologies Announces Premium Joomla Services to Enable Content Rich Websites

3 out of 4 people abandon an online retail site without making a purchase, causing huge losses to online businesses. The major reason being lack of relevant content. Sites rich in content are successful in attracting visitors by presenting relevant information for their products and services. To build a content rich site requires a stable and flexible framework, experts believe that Joomla is currently the best framework for building content rich sites. Asahi Technologies, a New York based web development firm specializing in Joomla framework, has announced premium Joomla services for small and mid-level businesses.

A recent statistics report on top 100 successful e-Commerce sites, all the sites present rich content related to the products/services. Online shoppers expect relevant content data for their products on issues like feedback, expert reviews, warranty information, shipping rates, expected delivery timetables, additional product/service suggestions. Many e-Commerce experts say that lack of relevant content leads to shopping cart abandonment. The report also proved that websites that have focused on content have been successful such as Wal-mart, e-bay and Netflix.

To build a content rich website requires a powerful web content management system that needs to be flexible and stable. Many experts suggest Joomla framework for content rich sites as it is the most flexible, secure and stable framework currently. Apart from being free and open source CMS Joomla is flexible to create content-rich blogs, interactive portals, multi-language websites and online communities faster and efficiently. The Joomla content management system not only assists in managing websites, but also gives users the freedom to make changes in appearance and functionality in accordance to requirements. It can even be handled with little or no knowledge of programming.

“A content rich website built with Joomla offers many advantages; the major advantage with Joomla CMS is that its maintenance requires little or no intricate coding knowledge,” says Vinod Subbaiah, CEO of Asahi Technologies. “Most popular tools are not intuitive for building a content rich site, and this is where Joomla, with its rich features, helps render a powerful e-commerce site.” Businesses looking to go online increasingly prefer Joomla because of its extensive features for content. To help small and businesses get affordable solutions for content rich sites, Asahi Technologies has announced premium services for Joomla framework.

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