Friday, October 10, 2008

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor)

PHP is a programming language that originally designed for developing dynamic web design, by Rasmus Lerdorf 1995. PHP was created on C programming language (I think most high level languages written in C), and duplicated C language’s syntax, function and some other advantages. Nowadays, PHP is widely used language that so many web sites created by it. I’m not sure, but I would say PHP is biggest language that used for web design. The reason why it became famous is PHP works on most web servers and operating systems, also its platform is free of charge. Like 4,5 year ago when I found to know about PHP, it used to run on only linux server. Now, PHP is being developed very fast and lots of content management framework (e.g joomla) are created for PHP. For me, the biggest advantage of PHP is it comfortably works with both access and sql databases.


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