Sunday, October 5, 2008

Oracle ADF Faces Goes Open Source

Oracle is pleased to announce the donation of ADF Faces, a rich set of UI components based on the JavaServer Faces specification, to the Apache Software Foundation. This donation will be licensed under the Apache 2.0 license. What this project will be called in the future will soon be determined by the Apache MyFaces community. By supporting JSF and MyFaces Oracle is hoping that more vendors are going to join and strengthen the Faces community. This is going to give a boost to the JavaServer Faces technology as well as the MyFaces project. The donated code comes with great functionality out of the box such as: file upload support, client-side validation, partial rendering of a page (AJAX-style), data tables, hierarchical tables, color/date pickers, progress indicators, menu tabs/buttons, internationalization and accessibility. This donation starts with more than 100 components which have already been thoroughly tested and come with high quality documentation.

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