Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hadoop gets a Real-Time Processing by Open Source vets

Nodeable solves real time Big Data issues

Big Data is certainly on a lot of people's lips these days. There is no doubt that we are certainly generating lots of data. Analyzing that data and making it useful is fueling literally millions of dollars of investment in companies around Hadoop, NoSQL, etc. One area where Big Data has some challenges is real-time analysis. With all of that data, analyzing in real time to get actionable intelligence into the hands of users is a big challenge. That is the the challenge that Nodeable is seeking to tackle.

Nodeable is led by a couple of open source veterans. Dave Rosenberg, formerly of Mule Source among a few other open source projects, is the CEO of Nodeable. With him are several folks who have worked with him in his previous open source companies. Additionally, Matt Assay, another veteran open source company builder, is on board at Nodeable as well.

I had a chance to sit down with Dave and talk about what he and his team are doing with Nodeable. You can listen in on our 15 or so minute conversation below. Let me warn you, the audio is a bit uneven at some points, but it isn't too bad and I think the quality of the conversation is well worth the problem with the quality of the audio.

The Nodeable team is using an open source program called Storm, which was originally developed by some folks at Twitter. Nodeable is seeking to commercialize this and build on top of it. This is a model that Dave has followed in the past and has lots of experience with.

Nodeable has been kicking around for a while now, but only recently really went public with this model. It is not competitive with Hadoop or other Big Data solutions, rather it brings another needed facet of Big Data to analytics.

So have a listen to Dave and check out a new and different Big Data solution coming to market.

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