Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Open source firm Opsview update IT monitoring lens

V4 gets enhanced data visualisation, dashboarding; Opsview Pro targets SMB market

Privately held, open source IT monitoring firm Opsview has revved its platform with data visualisation and dashboard technology, saying it better helps firm monitor their physical, virtual and hybrid cloud environments.

Opsview has around 19,900 customers using its free open source offering and a further 100 customers paying for all the bells and whistles as well as a support package in the shape of the Enterprise version.

Founder and CEO Michael Walton told CBR the company is also launching Opsview Pro, aimed at the small to medium business market and somewhere between the open core and Enterprise version in terms of features and functions.

V4 can monitor cloud-based applications from the likes of Salesforce.com by tapping into their published APIs. Walton said the focus of the latest release was around the front end - visualisation and dashboarding - as well as some performance tweaks. Improved customisation is said to make it easier for users to identify and diagnose system incidents.

Versus the competition from industry giants like CA, BMC, IBM and HP, Allen said the firm's relatively small size plays as an advantage as it can be more nimble, whilst its open core licensing model means there is a sizeable community of users who offer valuable feedback, add-ons and testing.

Walton claimed the firm doubled its revenue in the past 12 months and expects to double it again in the next 12. It will approximately double headcount this year to around 60 staff worldwide, predominantly in the UK, US and with some development staff in India.

Helping Walton guide Opsview's strategy on the board of directors is Stephen Kelly, formerly CEO of Chordiant in the US and then Micro Focus in the UK.

Describing Opsview V4 Walton said, "We have completely re-engineered Opsview to provide users with a more consistent and user-friendly experience. With more than 30 major enhancements in this new release, organisations will now be able to identify, diagnose and fix systems incidents with even greater accuracy and speed."

Opsview's customer roster includes Ericsson, Electronic Arts, Allianz, Binck Bank, Equiduct, Dimension Data, Irish Revenue, and Cornell and Yale Universities.

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